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Sunrider Supports Engage Now Africa in the Building of a Vital Maternity Center in Ethiopia

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Sunrider International, a global health and wellness direct sales company headquartered in Torrance, California, has been instrumental in the groundbreaking of a new maternity clinic in Wonber Miriam, Ethiopia (Liban District).

The construction, which is currently underway, of the Women’s Health Center in Wonber, Ethiopia, was made possible by a Sunrider campaign in which the company donated more than half the price of each ticket purchased for their 2021 Grand Convention to three organizations: Engage Now Africa, World Food Programme, and Mentors International. 

Engage Now Africa is an international non-profit organization whose purpose is to “heal, rescue, and lift vulnerable individuals, families, and communities to help them become self-reliant through strategic programs, projects, and partnerships.” 

The Sunrider donation campaign amassed nearly $25,000 for Engage Now Africa to use toward the construction of the maternity clinic, which will serve and support about 30,000 women and children once complete. Engage Now Africa partners with local government agencies and federal government agencies to ensure the sustainability of their projects.

According to Diana Bingham, East Africa Director of Engage Now Africa, “The Wonber Women’s Health Center will be a very needed facility in this remote area in Ethiopia, because currently, women do not have a center to deliver their babies or receive prenatal and postnatal care. Women are forced to deliver their baby in their home, often alone or with the help of a midwife.”

“We are so proud that our efforts to give back have paid off in such a big and real way to our most vulnerable populations,” said Sunny Beutler, Sunrider CEO. “This maternity clinic will be a safe space for all pregnant women in the area to receive essential care.”

The Women’s Health Center in Wonber is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021 and will open its doors to women in the new year. 

Visit  Engage Now Africa for more information about this organization and how you can engage to make a difference.

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