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Sunrider Malaysia Launches the Infinity Compensation Plan

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Sunrider Malaysia celebrated the launch of Sunrider’s Infinity Compensation Plan with a fun-filled event held in January 2018, at the Westin Kuala Lumpur. Attended by over 200 people, the introduction of the direct selling business model for Sunrider Independent Business Owners (IBOs) has continued to generate a lot of excitement in the country.

The event had a lively atmosphere and guests enjoyed samples of popular Sunrider® products, including Sunsport® Protein Plus, NuPlus®, Fortune Delight®, and Smart Gummy®, a delicious vegan gummy treat rich in fiber and vitamins. Attendees were also able to try Dr. Chen® Youth Emulsion, Dr. Chen® Youth Masque, and other age-defying skin care treatments, with IBOs and staff explaining the key selling points of these exceptional products.

The founder of Sunrider International, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, presided over the event and delivered an inspiring message about his journey and the challenges he overcame in creating what has grown to be a dynamic global company. Dr. Chen emphasized the successful system Sunrider provides, including having “owner expertise” and its own manufacturing and research & development facilities, which enable complete quality control over every step of the manufacturing process.

Top business leaders were also introduced, and they shared their experiences as well as their “dreams and aspirations” for their future with the company, which now looks brighter than ever.

Dr. Chen talked in detail about the exciting new Infinity Compensation Plan, which rewards people right from the start for sharing Sunrider’s business opportunity and getting people to switch brands to the company’s award-winning products for health, beauty, fitness, household cleaning, and wellness.

A cake-cutting ceremony followed Dr. Chen’s talk, along with photo-taking of Sunrider’s founder with excited Sunriders. Attendees left the event not only with an attractive gift bag, but also ready and eager to share Sunrider’s world-class compensation plan with their team and prospects to take their business to new heights.

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