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Sunrider Malaysia Celebrates the Grand Opening of New Headquarters

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Clear blue skies and warm sunshine greeted attendees of the highly anticipated grand opening of Sunrider Malaysia’s new office building in Kuala Lumpur, on December 15, 2018.

Situated along the famous Jalan Ampang, a bustling major road within the prestigious Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) district, Sunrider Malaysia is strategically located near embassies, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels. The new office measures a total of 12,000 sq feet, providing ample space for meetings, training sessions, product fairs, and fun events to foster a community of health and wellness.

In the morning, an excited crowd joined the lion dance troupe in giving Sunrider’s owners, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, a big welcome. The grand opening event kicked off with speeches from VIPs Mr. Randy Bussman, commercial officer from the US Embassy; Datuk Seri Garry Chua, president of the MRCA; followed by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen.

Dr. Chen expressed his gratitude for the exceptional support shown by the many well-wishers in attendance, who included prominent leaders and influencers in the retail and MLM industries, media representatives as well as Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and Authorized Business Owners (ABOs) and their prospects. VIPs were then invited to perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony together with Drs. Chen, after which an energetic lion dance was performed to bring good fortune for Sunrider Malaysia.

Drs. Chen presided over the press conference, which was attended by major media and publishing houses in the country. Meanwhile, guests sampled some of Sunrider’s top-selling products at the Product Fair, including SunSport® Protein Plus, Fortune Delight®, VitaTaste®, and Dr. Chen® Youth Emulsion.

After a delicious meal of local and Western cuisines, the Dr. Chen Special Meeting began, which was held in the Main Hall of the sparkling new office building. Over 150 attendees received first-hand training from Dr. Chen on the importance of eating the right foods for longevity and health.

Dr. Chen stressed his belief that good health comes from a balanced diet and talked about how Sunrider® products are designed to support this: “NuPlus® helps in nourishing qi (vital energy), which is the foundation of longevity. You will be in good health if your body’s qi circulation is good!”

He also gave business advice on how Sunriders can grow their business through networking. He advised IBOs to keep sharing the business plan with as many prospects as possible and to learn how to show initiative and approach strangers with “confidence and a big smile.”

Dr. Oi-Lin Chen encouraged everyone to do better in their sales, expressing high hopes for Malaysia and Singapore to achieve new heights. She advised the IBOs to fully utilize the modern and attractive facilities in the new office to conduct their meetings and activities.

At the end of the meeting, attendees were thrilled to receive a complimentary can of Smart Gummy® and enjoyed snapping pictures of Drs. Chen. They took home many inspiring stories and valuable tips from the day’s events and left enriched and motivated by the experience.

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