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Sunrider Executives Spotlighted in Direct Selling News

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Sunrider International’s Sunny Beutler, CEO; and Eric Chen, Chief of Global Manufacturing; are featured in an industry-leading publication.

Sunrider International top executives Sunny Beutler, CEO; and Eric Chen, Chief of Global Manufacturing; were recently spotlighted in Direct Selling News. Two articles announcing their new roles within the company were featured in the Executive News section of the online edition of  Direct Selling News. The articles were published April 1 and 2, respectively.

The article on Sunny Beutler announces her appointment to Chief Executive Officer of Sunrider, where she will “lead the company’s business development strategies, oversee its global operations, and meet the needs of the company’s global network of distributors.” Sunny Beutler brings more than 15 years of executive experience with Sunrider and is the daughter of Sunrider founders, Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen. 

Eric Chen, an organic chemist, is featured in an article describing how he oversees Sunrider’s global manufacturing sites, FDA compliance, product development and launches, and research and development, in his new role as Chief of Global Manufacturing.  His quotes include, “Sunrider is a strong, stable company, and our self-manufactured products have played an integral role in establishing that foundational strength.” Eric Chen is the son of Sunrider founders, Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen.

One the most prominent and influential publications in the industry, Direct Selling News is a monthly business magazine that has been serving direct-selling and network marketing entrepreneurs and executives since 2004.

Additional news on these Sunrider announcements:

Sunny Beutler Named CEO of Sunrider International

Eric Chen Appointed Chief of Global Manufacturing

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