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Sunrider CEO Sunny Beutler Presented with The Athena Award at Women of Influence Luncheon

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Sunrider International kicked off Women's History Month on March 3, 2022, by hosting the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Women of Influence Luncheon at the company’s Torrance headquarters. This annual Women of Influence Luncheon celebrates the achievements and leadership of local women. 

During the festivities, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce named Sunrider CEO, Sunny Beutler, a Woman of Influence and honored her with the event's most prestigious award and internationally prized honorthe Athena Award—for her leading role in helping communities promote health and wellness. The Athena Award was made even more special as it was presented by Beutler’s sister and fellow Sunrider board member, Wendy Teng. 

“Seeing Sunny in all aspects of life, I know she embodies all that the Athena Award represents,” said Teng from the stage. “Sunny serves as a role model for young women, inspiring them to pursue excellence and achieve their full potential, personally and professionally.” 

“I am so honored to have received this award. I am especially touched to have been presented it by my big sister and close friend, Wendy Teng, during a month that means so much to women everywhere,” said Beutler. “I am blessed to work in an industry and a company that is known for empowering women and championing independence. I will continue to seek greater diversity in thought and gender equality in our businesses and encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the women who inspire, motivate, and change the world every day.”

Beutler was among four other local leaders to speak at the luncheon: Tamala Lewis, Mistee Ruiz, Melinda Fox, and Janet Payne. 

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