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Sunrider CEO Sunny Beutler Takes Center Stage on The Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast

Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast - Sunny
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Sunny Beutler, Chief Executive Officer of Sunrider International, is the featured guest on episode 171 of The Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast, which aired June 27, 2023, and is titled, “You can always achieve your dreams. The story of Sunrider.”  

Hosted by Samantha Hind, The Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast is a digital media platform that shares “captivating stories of individuals, leaders, and ordinary people who have embarked on their remarkable journeys in the Direct Selling industry.” 

Samantha Hind describes the episodic series as “your go-to resource for accelerating your results with direct selling through online marketing, particularly on social media.”  

During her interview with Sunny Beutler, the discussion delves into the rich backstory of Sunrider and its enduring legacy. As a second-generation leader of this family-owned company, Beutler offers a unique perspective on the company's history, which spans over four decades.  

Named the CEO of Sunrider in 2021, Sunny Beutler brings a wealth of experience to her role, with 17 years of dedicated service to the company. With her exceptional organizational skills, Beutler effectively oversees the operations of Sunrider World Headquarters, as well as the affiliate offices across Europe and Asia. Her leadership ensures the smooth functioning of the company's global presence, driving its continued success. 

During the talk, Beutler shares her thoughts about what separates successful distributors and entrepreneurs from the rest. She also reveals her most significant role models and their impact on her leadership approach, and she sheds light on Sunrider’s strategic plans to solidify its position as one of the largest and most dynamic direct selling companies in the industry. 

You can watch the complete interview here, which the host describes as an “episode that certainly left me feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.”  This podcast and the content on its website represented the opinions of Direct Seller Accelerator and Samantha Hind.  Any claims, views, and opinions expressed in the podcast and its website are not our own.  Sunrider® makes no guarantees of income or profit you may earn as a Sunrider® Independent Business Owner.  Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill, and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities.

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