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Sunrider 2021 Love Share Grow Virtual Rally

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On Thursday, June 10, hundreds of Sunrider Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and their guests and families from around the world tuned in at 12:00 pm (PT) for Sunrider’s 2021 Virtual Live Love, Share, Grow Rally. Doddie Deets and Laura Widders from the Business Development Department were the hosts of this inspiring event. 

Sunny Beutler, CEO, welcomed everyone to the event. She shared Sunrider’s plans and goals, both long and short term, and provided an update on the new Sunrider Manufacturing DFW Plant in Midlothian, Texas. Sunny also talked about Sunrider’s ongoing commitment to invest in new information technology measures and resources to safeguard sensitive and confidential information, an extremely important approach, especially in light of the recent cyber-attacks.

She finished by extending the invitation to sign up for Sunrider’s upcoming CONNECT 2021 Virtual Convention in August. Sunny also shared how $30 from each registration fee will be shared among three amazing global charities, thus putting Sunrider’s “Love, Share, Give” initiative into action. 

Keeping the enthusiasm and celebration going, next on the agenda was recognition. Sunny congratulated Sunrider’s Top Achievers, who for the past five months worked hard to achieve new titles. Congratulations to you all!  Please visit workspace.sunrider.com to see the current list of names. Congratulations are also in order for Sunrider’s top Meetup earners, who have successfully proven Meetups work and will enjoy well-deserved price discounts.

One of the highlights of this event was the unveiling of the long-anticipated skincare formula—Kandesn® CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Sunrider’s multi-benefit moisturizing cream is a synergy of high-performance ingredients and is ideal for anyone looking to smooth, protect, and perfect their complexion—making it the perfect 3-1 product.  This mineral-based sunscreen formula is available in three shades: fair, light medium, medium and has launched just  in time for summer. Visit
to place your order. 

Oi-Lin Chen, MD, was introduced by Sunny, and she shared with the audience her early adventures and challenges of raising a family while starting a business. She related how she learned how to juggle doctor appointments and school meetings and everything in between, all while providing for her family. This experience made her appreciate the importance of creating an opportunity that allows freedom and flexibility, lifestyle aspects that remain just as important to people 40 years later, and that have become hallmarks of the Sunrider business opportunity.

As a global health and wellness company, Sunrider's top priority continues to be the health and well-being of its IBOs, customers, and employees. In tune with this, Sunrider founder, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, delivered a powerful and heartfelt message highlighting the importance of “Loving and Sharing the products and business opportunity” and to “Grow,” to help better the lives of people around the world.

Laura Widders, Associate Field Development Manager, presented the Key Rewards and encouraged IBOs to participate in this incredible opportunity to take advantage of the exciting prizes, perks, and business opportunities Sunrider offers. Doddie and Laura concluded the event by thanking everyone for participating in Sunrider’s 2021 Love Share Grow Virtual Rally.

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