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Sunrider 2020 Global Virtual Live Rise Rally

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On Saturday, May 9, at 11:00 am (PT), hundreds of Sunrider Independent Business Owners (IBOs) from North America, Europe, Israel, and Russia tuned in for Sunrider’s first-ever 2020 Global Virtual Live Rise Rally. This milestone live-stream event represented a day of action, ideas, and inspiration, with Sunriders coming together to recharge and reconnect during this challenging pandemic period.

The host for the Rise Rally was Sunny Beutler, Vice President of Global Operations. Sunny welcomed the worldwide audience and gave an overview of the exciting program to follow. Next on the “digital stage” was Dr. Reuben Chen, Vice President of Global Business Development, who used his expertise in health and wellness to conduct a relaxing guided meditation, which served to heighten focus and awareness for the day ahead.

As a global health & wellness company, Sunrider's top priority, now more than ever, is the health and well-being of its IBOs, customers, and employees. In tune with this, Sunrider Founder Dr. Tei-Fu Chen delivered a powerful message highlighting some of the targeted products he’s formulated to support health and a strong immune system. Dr. Chen also reassured IBOs of Sunrider’s unwavering commitment to manufacturing premium-quality herbal products to better the lives of people around the world.

Lisa Hendrickson, Director of Business Development, shared with IBOs why “the best Sunrider product is the Business Opportunity.” She encouraged IBOs to take advantage of Sunrider’s highly effective Selling System tools, especially online meetups. Magali Preston from the Business Development Team and an expert in social media gave an informative talk on how to use social media to reach out to and engage with new prospects. Jane Edwards, a member of Sunrider Western Europe’s Business Development Team, talked about “3 Ways to Build a Team with Social Media.”

Shining a spotlight on IBO excellence is a Sunrider hallmark, so Oved Levi, Sunrider Israel Country Manager, recognized Ace Royals and above from around the world for their hard work and dedication in achieving new levels of success.

Wendy Teng, Vice President of Marketing, invited IBOs to participate in a “Sunrider Video Challenge” by recording how they’ve had to adjust their business and lives during the coronavirus crisis. She concluded the rally by thanking everyone for making Sunrider history by being part of 2020 Global Virtual Live Rise Rally.

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