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Sunrider International Continues Its Support to Empower Communities through Engage Now Africa

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Sunrider International is proud to announce the continuation of its partnership with Engage Now Africa, an esteemed international nonprofit organization dedicated to healing, rescuing, and empowering vulnerable individuals, families, and communities through strategic programs, projects, and partnerships. 

For three years running, Sunrider's financial support has contributed to the success of Engage Now Africa programs and projects in Africa, including the construction of a vital maternity care center in Ethiopia, which opened its doors in 2022 and now serves over 30,000 women and children each year. 

One of this year’s programs that has benefitted from Sunrider’s support is a 21-day Adult Literacy and Vocational Skills Training held in Ghana in which participants receive practical training in areas such as customer service, social media, digital literacy, and financial literacy, and learn various vocational skills such as bead craft, baking, and soap making. 

According to Engage Now Africa's Second Quarter Performance Review, the impact of these training courses has been transformative: “The training has instilled confidence in the participants to explore their creativity as they pursue entrepreneurship opportunities in the vocational skills industry. The training has fostered a sense of community, and we are confident this will continue to directly and indirectly impact their lives, families, and communities as a whole.” 

In the Parkoso community of Ghana, Engage Now Africa's program has provided a life-changing opportunity for 30 participants, primarily women, by collectively building a well-resourced bakery startup. This initiative enables these women to produce and sell their products, leading to a sustainable livelihood and self-reliance. Additionally, the project indirectly impacts over 600 individuals and families in the Parkoso community, located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. 

Sunrider CEO Sunny Beutler said this about the training programs: “Engage Now Africa's dedication to practical skills development continues to make a significant difference in transforming lives and building brighter futures. Sunrider International is honored to be part of this noble cause of empowering communities and fostering self-reliance.” 

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