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Global Sunrider Day Rocks Around the World!

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On Saturday, June 26, 2021, thousands of Sunriders gathered around the world for Global Sunrider Day. It was a day to celebrate achievements, set new goals, strengthen bonds, and most of all, have fun among fellow Sunriders. 

Supported by Sunrider World Headquarters and the company’s worldwide network of offices, top Independent Business Owner (IBO) leaders hosted individual events, which were held throughout the day. Powered by their passion for sharing the Sunrider lifestyle, they prepared engaging programs with themes ranging from healthy eating and product sharing to financial wellness and business building.

A total of 429 events took place, attracting over 13,845 participants, who included IBOs, customers, and guests. The events came in all shapes and sizes, big and small, virtual and in-person. Global Sunrider Day also featured an inspiring “Our Future” message from Sunny Beutler, CEO, and a warm welcome from Dr. Reuben Chen, Board of Directors.

Global Sunrider Day showed once again that when Sunriders get together, good times and growth are guaranteed. The event also boosted the anticipation and excitement levels for the fast-approaching and ultimate “don’t miss out” event of the year—the Sunrider Virtual Global Convention, to be held August 2–7, 2021.

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