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Dr. Reuben Chen Shares Expertise on Popular Media Platform

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Dr. Reuben Chen, Chief Medical Advisor of Sunrider International, shared his nutritional expertise in the food section of  30Seconds.com, a website “on a mission to provide mobile moms with quick and helpful tips from experts.”

In a feature about a delicious smoothie recipe that goes beyond berries and bananas, Dr. Reuben highlights the myriad health benefits of persimmons, a  vibrant, vitamin-rich fruit and a “must-have for your shopping list.”

30Seconds.com is devoted to “making life better in 30 seconds through the power of content and community.” Their powerful media platform enables "busy women to connect, discover and share inspiring tips–each in about 30 seconds.”

You can follow Dr. Reuben Chen on 30Seconds.com here.

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