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Dr. Reuben Chen, Sunrider’s Medical Expert, Provides Insights for PopSugar

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PopSugar Reuben Chen 1
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PopSugar Reuben Chen 1
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Dr. Reuben Chen, Sunrider International’s Chief Medical Advisor, was a special guest contributor for an article in PopSugar, a leading global women’s lifestyle brand and online media company that provides “positive and purpose-driven content across multiple platforms, spanning entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, parenting, and more.”  

Titled, "Why a Swim Cap Is Sometimes Used to Handle Head Injuries in Soccer," the article was published on the PopSugar website on July 27, 2023.  

Dr. Chen, a board-certified sports medicine physician and pain management expert, provided his expert commentary on the use of a swim cap as a safety measure during soccer matches to better protect bleeding injuries. He explained how a swim cap can effectively hold a bandage in place over a fresh wound, eliminating the need for excessive tape on a player's head during a game. Additionally, the swim cap's pressure on the wound can help slow bleeding and potentially alleviate headache symptoms. 

The timing of the article is particularly relevant as the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is taking place this summer. Sunrider extends its best wishes to all the competing teams for safe and exciting matches. 

Read the full article here

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