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Dr. Reuben Chen Shares His Expertise with Well + Good

Dr. Reuben Chen Shares His Expertise with Well + Good

Sunrider’s Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Reuben Chen shared his expertise with Well + Good, a market-leader in the wellness space for over a decade. Through its website and digital content, Well + Goodworks to inform, empower, and educate communities and individuals in the many ways your day-to-day impacts your ability to live well.”  

In a Well + Good article titled, “The Common Reasons Why You May Want to Avoid Consuming Ginger,” published in June 2023, Dr. Chen cautions readers that anyone with GI (gastrointestinal) issues should consume ginger with care, stating, “Those with a history of GERD or acid reflux should keep an eye on their ginger intake, as ginger can cause heartburn and worsen gastric reflux.”  

He adds that “Those with acid reflux concerns should divide these doses as to reduce the gastric side effects of ginger.” The article also provides physician-backed recommendations on areas such as “How much ginger is too much?” and “Why you may want more ginger in your diet.” 

Although ginger is widely known for its medicinal benefits and enjoyed as a spice for its zesty, aromatic flavor, this article sheds light on situations where moderating or avoiding its consumption may be advisable. Read the full article here. 

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