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2018 Canadian Leadership Seminar

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Sunrider Canada hosted the 2018 Canadian Leadership Seminar, October 19–20, at the Poco Inn Suites Hotel & Conference Centre and Sunrider Canada Headquarters, in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. The event featured Dr. Reuben Chen, Sunrider’s vice president of global business development.

The seminar started with the introduction of the “Sunrider Canada Team,” who expressed their commitment to provide stellar service and support to all IBOs (Independent Business Owners) in Canada. Dr. Reuben Chen then received a warm welcome from the attendees before he proceeded to introduce the new Business Opportunity Presentation. He also shared tips on team building and conducted training on the new Starter Kit and product packs.

Josh Kohlhas, USA business development manager, gave valuable tips on how to effectively communicate with the millennial generation and introduced Sunrider’s exciting new mobile app, Rapid Funnel. He also showed IBOs how to properly blend social media into their marketing strategies to strengthen and grow their team and business.

Four Canadian leaders shared testimonials that were truly inspiring, and their message was clear: hard work, dedication, and consistency pave the way to success. Two IBO leaders from the USA also talked about leadership and shared insights on how to develop a thriving Sunrider business.

All of the IBOs learned a lot and enjoyed the seminar experience, which also included plenty of time for mixing and enjoying great food and entertainment. Everyone left feeling empowered by the experience and excited about the company’s direction and their future as a Sunrider IBO.

Here’s some of the feedback attendees shared via social media:

“Dr. Reuben Chen was fabulous sharing his heart, product info, and why Sunrider is such a fantastic company and business opportunity. Josh is such a pro with social media, and I learned so much. I love the new Sunrider app…can’t wait for our next Sunrider adventure!”

-Sheryl Fitzharris

“Such a great event! So happy to be part of it, and I can’t wait to come back. Patrick, you and your staff did an amazing job of taking care of us all and hosting a wonderful weekend of great people, great training, great sharing, and great food. Thank you!”

-Mack Atkinson

“My group took away so much information and had so much fun and excitement. We are truly blessed with such a fine company as Sunrider. I believe we just bonded more closely over the weekend.”

-Violet Fahlman

“This was such an amazing weekend; we rubbed elbows with all the staff, who are absolutely amazing. And Reuben and Josh finally let loose and set us on a New Direction for us to all succeed. The food was always delicious and divine and the entertainment was great.”

-Marilyn Hogan

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