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Sunrider Business

How can I learn more about the Sunrider opportunity?
What are the differences between a Retail Customer, a Preferred Customer, and an IBO (Independent Business Owner)?
If I am a Retail Customer or a Preferred Customer, how can I upgrade to an IBO?
Am I required to “Join” Sunrider in order to purchase your products?
Can I join as an IBO just to get the best discount?
Where can I find a local Sunrider Independent Business Owner to buy from locally?
What are Sunrider’s business hours and contact information?

Orders & Shipping

If I am a Retail Customer, a Preferred Customer, or an IBO, how can I buy Sunrider® products?
What is Subscription?
How do I register for a monthly Subscription order?
Which shipping options do you offer?
What payment cards can be used to pay for Sunrider orders?
How do I register my Sunrider Gift Card before I place an order?

Product Information

Can I ship Sunrider® products out of the USA and its territories?
Where can I find more detailed product explanations than what I see on the Shop Online page and in the product catalog?
What are Sunrider's most popular products?
If I take Sunrider® herbal products, can I stop taking my medication?
Are Sunrider® products safe?
Why are there warnings on some product labels?
I bought some of your products from a friend, and I see a "Prop 65 Warning" on some of them. Why?
What is Sunrider’s Product Return Policy and Procedure?
Are Sunrider® products organic?
Are Sunrider® products gluten-free?
Are Sunrider® products halal?
Are Sunrider® products kosher certified?


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